All about networking (Part 2)

Just after I finisehd the last post I went to a so called “Star Ralley” in Mochudi. It was held by the leading party BDP (Botswana Democratic Party). This party rules the country since the independence in 1966. My hostfathler is a member of this party. In Botswana there will be elections on October 24th so it was an important event for the party. Especially because the president himself, Ian Khama, took part.
My hostfather invited us to join the meeting and said that we should come to the front so that he can see us and if there will be some free chairs he will show us.
So we went there but were a little bit late. The Ralley had already started. We stood opposite of the tent where the important members of BDP and the president were sitting. I recognised my hostfather sitting at the left side of the president. Until this occasion I didn’t realize that he was such an important member of the BDP. After a while he saw us and waved his arm and smiled at us. (Would anyone who would stand next to the german chancellor wave his arm like that…?)
He called another member of the party, telling him something I couldn’t understand and pointing towards our direction. After five minutes another guy came to us to tell that he reserved some seats for us. We followed him and he showed us a place in the tent where the V.I.P. of the BDP sit, including the president. It was a very special feeling to pass by the audience (maybe around 100 people) who all admire the BDP and the president, but we as strangers, were honoured to sit under the V.I.P. tent. So: we found ourselves self sitting three rows behind the president of the Republic of Botswana. A few minutes later, my hostfather had left his chair next to the president to come to us and greet us. I think he felt honoured as well, that we had followed his invitation, because after the official part, when the president had left, my hostfather introduced us to his network consisting of several more or less important persons introducing me as his daugther. For example, he introduced us to Unity Dow which is the candidate of the parliamanent for the electional district “Mochudi West”. Beyond that she is a laywer and a very good known person in Botswana and abroad.

Maybe it is a little bit difficult to explain it properly but during this event I got a sense for the meaning of this community and how important networks are. Like I wrote in the last post about networking, it is very important to belong to somebody or a family. It could also be said that everybody has to have his place or position within the community.
So this means in the end it all goes back to be on the right time at the right place and know the right persons to benefit from the network. The access to networks is the family. This will open the door for all social interactions.

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